ITEM Technical Parameters
Applicable for

φ2.0mm.φ3.0mmφ0.90 mm cable and FTTH drop cable 2x3mm

Optical fiber diameter

125μm ( 652 & 657 )

Tight buffer diameter (μm)


Fiber mode Single & multi mode
Operation time About 20s(no fiber cut)
Aberage Insert loss

≤0.10dB(1310nm &1550nm)

Return loss ≤-500dB
Fastening strength of naked fiber >5N
Fastening strength of naked fiber holder >8N
Using temperature -45~+80℃
Repeatability(10 times) △IL≤0.2dB △RL≤5dB
1.Strip the FTTH flat cable to 50mm , and cut the jacket by scissors.
2.Insert the cable to the guide rail tool. as the photo position, and then strip the fiber at the end of tool.
3.To check if the fiber is damaged or not ,and then clean it by alcohol

4.Cut the fiber to 13mm.

5.Insert the fiber to the Mechanical splicer ,make the cable cut to the stop position of the Mechanical splicer
6 .Make the fiber some bending to avoid damage when pull the cable. And then press the clamp at the end to fix it cable.

7.Prepare another FTTH flat cable, to insert it the same way as the above steps


8.When the cable cut at the stop position of Mechanical splicer , the fiber is bending , this mean it is correct way to install.
9.Press the clamp at both end to fix the cable. Make sure the fiber is bending.
10.Push the fixing button to the middle to fix it
11.Press the cover to the chasis ,and finish the whole installation.