Fiber splice protection box

For FTTH project,the mechanical splicer is widely used, but its quality is not steady,it depends on many factors, for example;the matching fluid, the fiber cleaver quality, the operator‘s skills ,carefulness and experiences etc. so we designed fusion splice type protection box.

The advantages;

  1. Suitable for 0.9/2.0/3.0mm cable and 2x3mm drop cable
  2. The fusion splice position is inside the heat shrinkable tube. to make it have more stability
  3. the whole process can be checked by the monitor of the fusion splice machine, so it is 100% qualified, save much time
  4. Insertion Loss≤-0.03dB ,Return Loss≥-60dB
  5. When temperature ,tide ,sand wind etc. change, but the loss no change , prolong use life, reduce the Maintenance cost.
  6. Tensile Strength ≥60N
  7. Easy for operation

Special tool kits;


drop cable striper

fiber striper