Core capacity

Cable Port(max)

Max diameter Of cable(mm)

Splice Tray model

Core capacity Tray Weight (kg)
Indoor wall-hang fiber
cable cross-connecting cabinet
500×550 ×260 24-72 6 φ25 NTM 12 44

1) Suitable for copper cross connection cabinet or fiber optic crossconnection cabinet or other important Telecom electronic equipment
2) Waterproof, against moist caused by drastic changes in temperature
3) Suitable for outdoor use
4) Made of SMC material with excellent mechanical, cankerous resistantand fire-resistant performance and long time life
a) Temperature: -45 ~ 80°C
b) Relative humidity: 95% (+40°C)
c) Pressure: 70-106KPa
d) Insulation resistance: 2 x 10,000MΩ
e) It has a good waterproof performance