Uses and Property:
1.Used in the broad band access network to the building, housing and uptown
2.Can be assembled with different types or sizes of fiber optic converters and Fast Ethernet Exchanger
3.Can be equipped with temperature controller and fan
Environment condition:
1.Environmental temperature:25℃~+60℃ 2.Relative humidity:<95%(When the temperature is below 40℃)
3.Atmospheric pressure:70~106KPa 4.Insertion loss:1.31,1.55um LD lamp-house. SM≤0.18dB MM≤0.30dB
5.Return loss:1.31,1.55um LD lamp-house. SM PC≥45dB UPC≥50dB APC≥60dB
6.Insulation resistance:≥2×104 MΩ/500VDC
7.Voltage-resistance strength:non-puncture, no arc-over under 3KVDC/1min

Type Size(mm)
Install the way Remarks
Outdoor normal
Single door 700×120×560 Outdoor normal